Wedding videography what gear do you need best DSLR backpack

Wedding ideography: what gear do you need?

Shoot a remarkable wedding video needs as much gear as shooting a little film. Here are some considerations for everything from screwdrivers to camera stabilization.

When capturing a wedding video, you may be overwhelmed by the quantity of gear you exactly need. Here are some of the excellent items for shooting the big day. These camera gear options are not just compact, they are ready to be used in the quick-paced wedding atmosphere.

Camera and lenses

The most vital thing you need to capture a wedding is a camera. Cameras deserve a post of their own, like what type of camera is excellent for a startup firm, or the excellent cameras under $1000, or what questions you should ask when buying a camera. The same goes for selecting to purchase lenses over cameras. In this post we will be targeting on the help gear you will need.

As far as lenses and cameras are concerned, just have a backup gadget ready. While capturing wedding video, you should at least have 2 cameras. Three is the excellent option, which offers you 2 to shoot with and a backup.


Just like any shoot production, camera stabilization is really important. You just ensure your footage is as steady as can be. Here are some important considerations for stabilization of camera.


The tripod is the high quality of all steady footage. Users believe they need the greatest and latest stabilizer model to obtain the excellent footage, but that could not be additional from the reality. A strong tripod and fluid head will perform more for your video than practically any of the following advises.


To store and to transport all your gear, you will need the best DSLR backpack. It is essential to keep all your precious gear safe and sound. You can choose a full camera backpack or a hybrid model that can also be used as a normal backpack.


Monopods are remarkable for a multitude of factors. They are lightweight, compact and versatile. Many carbon fiber monopods can grip an amazing amount of weight. With the capability to fast adjust the height, you can go from a low-range shot to a top-angle shot in seconds.
They are also remarkable for maneuvering through crowds. In every restricted space, you can still shoot amazing footage and then get out of the way in a fast way.


You would not be setting up any 3-point lighting during the reception or ceremony. Anyway, you will want something you can use in a pinch. The excellent choice is to use an LED light that you can use on handheld, camera, or on a stand.

A little LED light is portable and simple to loss in your bag. Odds are you would not truly need it until the reception. The DJs light setup may offer a best look, if not only have a light ready for any minimum light situations.


Have lots of batteries for all of your varying requirements. Camera batteries, 9V and AA batteries are for your microphones or audio recorder, as well as batteries for your lights. If, you don’t have ample batteries, be sure to set up a charging station so the batteries will be best to go when you want them.