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Victoria Ku the Beauty behind The Brush

Artists strive to connect with others on a deep, emotional level and the same is true for Victoria Ku. This young artist’s ultimate goal is to evoke something through her work, leaving a legacy on others who view her paintings. “My art is unique and I put love into every piece. My goal is to make the world see a piece of me, my soul, my emotions and for these windows into my being to live forever in my work.”

Authenticity and passion drive each of Victoria’s masterpieces, expressing her feelings through a canvas. “I don’t have a formal technique, it just comes naturally. My art is my emotions and feelings at the time I’m painting, whether love or anger, fear or exhilaration.”

Victoria Ku Victoria Ku

While a self-proclaimed contemporary artist, Victoria gathers inspiration from media and artists of different styles. “I like all different types of art, not one artist specifically. Looking at different artists and how they express themselves through their art is something to truly admire.”

Beauty is not only on the canvas, but in front of it. As an accomplished model, Victoria’s artistic talents have been underestimated. She found great success in appearing in magazines such as Sports Illustrated and Maxim from 2012-2018. While her modeling career have helped increase her exposure to the creative arts of all kinds, she knew from a very young age that painting was where her passions lay.

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Many people hold a narrow-minded view that a model only knows how to pose in front of a camera. Victoria makes it her mission to prove these misconceptions wrong. “I love people’s reaction to my art; when the see what I have done for the first time they seem shocked. The most common response to my work is…oh my god, did you really paint this?”

When asked what it took to transform her passion into a career, Victoria said, “Having a great partner, that believes in me. He showed me how to drop my walls as an artist and just paint my feelings. I always love art, but this is what drove me to become an artist.”

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As an up-and-coming star of the art world, Victoria is producing a new collection of work. Traveling between New York and Los Angeles, Victoria has several shows in the works for 2019 and 2020. She is definitely an artist to watch. Visit –