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Tips to Choose Your Nails Design & Maintenance

The world of nails is expanding every single day because nail specialists are always digging deep to explore new trends for their clients. There are fake nails which you could apply like the gel and the acrylic, there are those which you could stick and remove after finishing your day, and there are some designs which you could choose to do with the manicure colors that you have.

The cool acrylic nail designs around, going to get some yourself sounds fun and exciting. But before you rush to the nearest salon, take a few moments to read through these small nuggets of advice. Who knows, they might spare you the trouble of having to look after ruined, fragile nails. Beautiful colors alone are not the only thing that matters when it comes to fabulous acrylic nail designs

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picking the right salon
First and foremost, you have to figure out what salon to choose like Of course, if you (or your friends) already know a reputable one, by all means, go for it! But if you don’t, do yourself a favor and carefully investigate the salons in your area. If you are fond of your nails and their health, you’ll want to go to a well-known, professional one, even though this means shelling out a slightly larger amount of money. Remember: you get what you pay for. Lower prices don’t mean just a low-quality result, but may also imply the use of harmful chemicals that can ruin your nails.

At a msmee, an experienced professional will take good care of your hands, while also putting all your cool acrylic nail ideas into practice. For example, a person with the right skills will know not to file your natural nails too thin, thus avoiding any risk of damage in the long run.

On the salon – deciding on a design

Having trouble determining what design to choose? Let’s have a short while to flick through the latest acrylic toe nail designs and tendencies. To proficiently amount up the very best toe nail designs that are trending this season, let’s break them into three categories: monochrome multicolor designs, vibrant French nails and nails.

Choosing Nail Artwork Designs?

Everything related to fashion is going together in the look phase; what we should want to say would be that the clothes you will wear should match the toe nail polish color you will apply and these should be complementing the make-up you will wear as well as the accessories you will choose, everything should be related to the other to be able to draw out the best final result and at the same time let you appear as a fashionable icon.

Fashion comes in everything, so if you believe that it is just about the clothes that you might be wearing then you are wrong because the styles related to your nails are also changing every single minute and new things are always appearing on the surface. There are of course different adorable nail designs which you could choose from out there but in order to choose the most suitable ones for you, there are some tips to check out.

Browse All of the Options

Keep carefully the Occasion or Event at heart

REMEMBER about the Clothes You will Wear

Choose Regarding to YOUR PROJECTS Life

Suggestions for Cool Toe nail Designs

These above tips are believed important because they’ll inform you which toe nail design is ideal for your life style, for the clothing you are going to wear, or for the occasion you are going to attend. After going through these tips and considering them, it is important to know that the styles for the fairly nail designs are different and might include several techniques, which urges you to know them all in order to choose as well as know what the nail technician does for your nails.

The different designs out there include:


These are the easy ones that your toe nail technician will pull them easily on the fingernails using the standard toe nail polish. That is considered inexpensive to apply in a toe nail salon and may be even done at home after several studies; all what he/she might add is easy glitters to enhance the whole design.

The Structure Techniques

That is another design that some women prefer and which is also not expensive when done at a nail salon, because it is usually done with the regular nail polish colors in order to produce attractive designs. This is another technique that may be easily applied at home with using some of the household tools and objects.

The Air Brush Design

This is one of the techniques that make the process of applying nail polish a lot easier because this is all done through a machine that sprays nail polish directly on the nails. When this is done in the nail salon, it might be considered cheap, but if you are going to do it at home then it will be a little bit expensive because you will need to buy the machine itself first.

Rhinestones and Decals

These are small pieces which you choose in order to decorate your nails with. The rhinestones are like flowers or other small centerpieces that you could rely on, however the decals are those stickers that you stay on the fingernails and apply the toenail polish over or elsewhere, just be sure you are choosing good brands which is continued the fingernails without easily dropping.


Piercing is not merely now done on different areas of the body but the craze is that it might now continue the fingernails as well. This may be a tiny bit challenging and that is why we don’t usually recommend women to do it, but for those who will choose this technique, they have to be very careful with their choice and should pick the right salon which they will trust.

Choosing the nail tip designs is very important because in addition to the different colors and techniques found out there, there are other important things to keep in mind in order to choose something that will suit the occasion, the season, as well as your personality. Your nails should always represent you and they will even deliver a little message about your personality and that’s the reason why choosing something that truly represents you and that you like is always an important things