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The Wall Mounted Storage Box for Jewelry a creation like no other

Abigail Navarro the creator of the wall mounted storage box for jewelry is a Trinidadian born inventor/entrepreneur. Her hope for this product is to solve busy people’s messy problems. The Idea was born from a need to resolve 4 issues; saving space and time while even adding to the décor also being light weight enough for travel. Even if you just wanted to stow away excess jewelry it would be perfect. She is motived by the need to see happy and satisfied customers grow in their numbers.

Hidden Storage and organizers was formed in 2016 but the idea of the wall mounted storage box for jewelry was conceived in 2015. We take pride in its creation and the fact that it is the only one of its kind.

This product is close to the heart of the inventor because the idea came to her at a point in her life where she lacked space to store anything and was constantly traveling, so her tiny items would always get lost and she would almost always forget her jewelry wherever she went because she didn’t have time to stop and decide which ones she needed to take with her. She remembers feeling really depressed at one point looking at the only other affordable option a plastic wall organizer hanging on her wall feeling even more depressed thinking why there isn’t something else, something better.

In 2015 after growing frustrated with ordinary jewelry boxes, Navarro developed her first invention, the wall mounted storage box for jewelry, a cabinet like wall storage unit made small enough for travel. It opens out vertically making it easy to see all the jewelry inside. With 1 large ring cushion, 14 necklace or bangles movable hooks, 140 earring holes it offers three compartments for storage. With her own savings and investments from family and friends, she made a prototype and manufactured 300 units.

She wanted something that was lightweight but still holds a lot and of great quality yet affordable. She also wanted something that looked great and could add to her décor. She needed something that she could easily take with her anywhere she went.

We think she succeeded in this exquisite creation that she can happily offer to customers worldwide!

After selling locally, it sold modestly but really took off after hitting amazon with a 5 star rating.

wall mounted storage box for jewelry

Her advice to new product developers is, “if you truly believe in a product, don’t be swayed by the negative views of others who do not yet see the value in your product, if you keep at it, their time to see value in your idea will come.”