Nadjarina event for personal consciousness in luxury fashion for the everyday woman

On Friday, August 9th at the luxury Spring Place in Beverly Hills, Lindsey Mallon and her luxury fashion brand, Nadjarina, celebrated with cocktails and admiration of high-class fashion. With Nadjarina, Lindsey continues to bring depth to the fashion industry and fast-paced movement and it was clearly evident at the event.


Nadjarina is designed and built with a progressive stance on a personal consciousness on luxury, while embracing the everyday woman. She prides herself and belief in that women are powerhouses, and she uses her brand to embrace and encourage that. The brand “works away from the waste and immense environmental damage of the fashion industry, for a better future.” It even goes full circle in the sense that if an article of clothing is being returned, Nadjarina will donate the returned pieces in an effort to empower other women in local communities.


With guests like Kelley Jakle (Pitch Perfect), Chrissie Fit (Pitch Perfect), Lady Victoria Hervey, actress Juliette Goglia, actress Celeste Thorson and comedian Alice Wetterlund, among many more, experienced the revolutionary impact that Nadjarina is creating on the sustainable fashion industry on the beautiful, sunny, Southern California evening.

The exclusive atmosphere of Spring Place combined with Nadjarina made it an event for all to enjoy, and continue the support for a conscious brand.