Lee Broda’s Whispers from The Moon touches your heart

Whispers From The Moon by Lee Broda is a poetry collection that talks about heartache, love,grief, loss and how to empower oneself to overcome challenges and enjoy life. It has four chapters, each representing the four phases of the moon: full, waning, eclipse, waxing.

A companion in our life’s journeys, Whispers From The Moon encourages us to live a genuine life with forgiveness, acceptance, passion, and finally, love. Lee Broda’s poetry is evoking and raw. Her poetry can sometimes be classified as painful and dark, and searching for knowledge.

Already, her poetry has touched thousands of people and she wishes to let her readers know that they are not alone in their joy or suffering. She wishes they could explore the hidden, deep edges of their hearts between the wandering words of her soul.


Lee Broda is a natural poet born in Israel. She writes about the beauties and uncertainties of life from a unique point of view. Broda has always loved poetry, so much so that she started writing from when she was a teenager.

Broda grew up in the rural part of Israel. Up till this moment, she has not shared her poetry with anyone. Her first poetry book is Whispers From the Moon, and she is happy to share this with everyone. She is well-known for her passionate creative drive and intelligence as a producer and celebrated actor.

As a film producer she has worked hard to ensure the success of more than thirty films, such as Michael Almereyda’s Experimenter (which stars Winona Ryder and Peter Sarsgaard), The Forgiven (Eric Bana, Forest Whitaker) and The Trust (Elijah Wood, Nicolas Cage). She is also the founder of LB Entertainment, a company that produces, develops and finances major independent films. Her recent films produced include Class Rank, The Kindergarten Teacher, The Pretenders, and A Private War. The Kindergarten Teacher and A Private War which was nominated for two Golden Globes in 2019. The she has produced have premiered at the top film festivals in the world, such as Venice, Sundance, Tribeca, BFI, SXSW, New York, and Toronto Film Festival.

In addition, Lee founded the Women Creating Change organization. The organization aims to empower and create opportunities for female directors, producers, actors, and writers from the Middle East.

Her first book Whispers From the Moon is available on Amazon and she is currently working on two more books in both English and Hebrew.