Kim Davey tv host dance Kim Davey tv host dance

Kim Davey’s not done yet!

With the novel Coronavirus seeming to put a pause on life, there needs to be a new way to keep up with life and the goals we strive for. Kim Davey is just like the rest of us – and she does as much as she can digitally to continue to grow within the dance and entertainment industry.

The multi-talented New Zealander, Kim Davey continues to be on the rise. Since founding She Shines On, dance and empowerment travel tours for young girls she has extended her love for this community further. You’ll now find Kim shining on screen as a host to shows like AFTERBUZZ TV, American Idol and World of Dance.

In her prior adventures in law school, she quit after seven weeks and traveled, finding that she could in fact make a living within the arts, and thus her newest projects were born. She created SHE SHINES ON “so that other dancers could get outside their bubble and comfort zone and see the world and see in their teens all the opportunities in dance, to come home and make an informed decision on whether they wanted to pursue it or not.” And her sense of fulfilment is there, knowing that she has made an impact on many.

Kim Davey tv host dance1 Kim Davey tv host dance

Although the coronavirus has altered how her travel business was going, she has “The Empowered Dancer,” a fifteen part interview series with professional dancers, agents and choreographers aimed at inspiring, empowering and educating the dance community to continue to make informed decisions – and now, digitally! Being able to adapt quickly has always been one of Kim’s greatest strengths, and to see her passion thrive regardless of what the world has thrown our way shows her charisma and eagerness.

Knowing that an office job would not be for her, it is clear to see that Kim is able to really take on the world and make it her own. Not only does the freedom of her own job empower her as a business owner, but receiving feedback from the people she has influenced, talking about the life-changing difference SSO tours or mentorship has made to the lives of those we are working with, and being able to travel and potentially meet these people on their tours is what makes all of her hard work so worth it.

Kim Davey continues to be an inspiration for us all, regardless of where you stand in life. And she continues to show us that through perseverance and belief in one’s dreams, there’s really nothing that can stop you.

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