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Different Bangle Bracelet Types You Should Consider Buying


Most people know the bangle bracelets as they have an inflexible shape. As opposed to the chains, length cannot be adjusted. However, this does not mean that you cannot find some great options and that you cannot showcase your personal style. Out of the various different bangle bracelet types that exist, we should highlight the following ones.

Solo Bangles

These are perfect in the event that you do not really enjoy wearing too many bracelets at the same time. Contrary to popular belief, many have a stunning design and can easily help you to stand out of the crowd. Many brands like Trollbeads sell wonderful solo bangles. However, you should only focus on the models that are thick.

Multiple Bangles

These are perfect for the people that like wearing the bracelets as a full set. Multiple bangles will always look great and can include different beautiful beads for bracelets. However, they do tend to easily get entangled and showcase scratches. In order to avoid all damage, you have to be sure that the material used is as tough as possible. Try to focus on the bracelets that only feature a single style. As an example, if you have one bracelet that has a round shape, make sure that all the others in the set are also round.

Gemstone Bangles

The gemstone bangle bracelets will be small and will easily stand out. You can achieve a wonderful look when the bangle features gems that would reflect light. For instance, consider the diamond bracelets. We recommend that you always opt for rubies and sapphires as they are colored gems that are bright and highly attractive. Much attention is put on details and the style is among the most beautiful.

Gold Bangles

These are definitely among the most popular that you will find on the market at the moment. It is hard to buy a correct one because of the fact that you may not know much about the carat choice that is the best for you. As you buy such a bracelet, make sure that you focus on quality. Something that is expensive is not necessarily the best possible choice.

Remember that there are various gold types that you can consider. Some wonderful bangles are available with yellow, rose or white gold. You should know that the white gold bracelet bangles are normally coated with the use of rhodium plating, thus making the jewelry brighter and more elegant. With gold bangles both the quality of the gold and of the plating should be really high or you can end up with something that would peel or crack.


The options that we highlighted are definitely among the best available on the market at the moment. They are really popular and you want to consider them. However, it is vital that you choose only the bangles that are comfortable and that would fit you perfectly. Never purchase anything of an inferior quality. When you do this, you are losing money and what you would wear would be of a bad quality.