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Believe it or not but socks are very important to the life of your shoes. As feet are prone to sweating, this can cause damage to the footwear, which highlights the importance of a good quality pair of socks so make sure you are opting for right pair. Just like boots, socks are an important part of your outdoor kit. When you have the right socks on you won’t even think about them but when you have the wrong socks on it can play on your mind and ruin your entire day. Custom socks wholesale, Yhao, focused on manufacturing knitted products since 2004. The main products include women socks, men socks, baby socks, yoga socks, sports socks, touchscreen winter gloves, beanie hats, scarves, and etc.

An excellent sock will feel safe, provide cushioning to high impact areas, wick moisture from your skin layer and help maintain a constant and comfortable foot temperature. They’re not complicated to buy but we’ve detailed out a couple of things to consider when you do…

Design knee high socks with boots are both a chance to change an clothing and ways to let your personality sparkle. They’re durable; they stay placed on calves of most sizes and are comfortable enough to wear all day long.

  • On a rainy day rubber boots are a necessity, it becomes important to make sure feet stay warm, comfortable and, most importantly, dry. Pairing rubber boots with quick-drying, cushioned crew socks will enhance the comfort.
  • For those looking for a visible, stylish option should wear knee socks with ankle boots. Don’t let more than 2-3 inches of your sock peek out over the top of your ankle boot.
  • If you prefer socks to stay hidden; a pair of comfortable no-show socks with casual sneakers should be your go-to. It covers enough of the foot to stay in place while remaining out of sight. Best of all, they don’t slip.
  • For a sports enthusiast, who is very fond of running and playing or just walking around, sports activities socks paired with jogging/walking shoes would be the best get. Sports activities sock absorbs perspiration keeping your feet from bacterial and fungal infections.

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It is important to relate the thickness of your sock to the fit of your footwear. The thickness of your sock can change the volume of your foot and potentially make your footwear feel too limited. In planning for your activity try your shoes on with the sock you would like to wear.


There are various varieties of socks for most different activities. Getting the right socks for every activity can cause you to feel convenient and therefore force your limits even more.

For instance, you wouldn’t wear a jogging sock whilst out mountaineering because the amount of padding and warmth wouldn’t normally be sufficient enough for what’s required. In the same respect, you wouldn’t wear a mountaineering sock whilst out working as the heat and padding would far go beyond the particular level needed and lead to a very unpleasant sweaty run.


Whenever choosing socks additionally it is dependent on the kind of footwear you select. Mountaineering boots tend to be created to accommodate a warmer sock for insulation and a dense durable external for security, whereas jogging shoes are often constructed with a sock-like slim fit for accuracy and awareness when from the paths thus needing a well-fitting skin-like sock with padding only in key areas.